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Tohloria Lewis
Tohloria LewisExpress Entry
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Amanda Gibson
Amanda GibsonPNP Stream
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Peter Williams
Peter WilliamsExpress Entry
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Kirsten Riley
Kirsten RileyStudney Visa
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Mark Fadlevich
Mark FadlevichWorking Holiday
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Ashley Berlin
Ashley BerlinStudent Visa
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Dean Phongsa
Dean PhongsaSkilled Worker
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Kyle Miranda
Kyle MirandaFamily Visa
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Eitan Silver
Eitan SilverExpress Entry
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Logan Chang
Logan ChangPNP Stream
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There are 60 different Visa options: We find the best one for YOU

Here’s the thing: There are 60 Visa options available. And as soon we evaluate you, we’ll be able to recommend the best option for you. Save time, money and at least a few headaches by talking to a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) today.

We make sure you don’t get disqualified due to small mistakes

Due to the amount of Visa applications today, computer software is used to make the process faster. Things move faster, but the scary side is that many good applicants never reach their RCIC’s desk because of the software disqualifying applications due to small mistakes. Avoid missing your chance for a Visa to missing documents or even a spelling error.

RCICs are regulated by the government

Our consultants work according through a strict code of conduct enforced by the government. We must abide by the ICCRC Rules of Professional Conduct. It’s not just our passion, we’re also legally obliged to have your interests as our top priority.

We work with you to improve your profile and give you the best chance to score high.

We do everything possible to legally give you the best chances to receive your Visa. Should you be the primary Visa applicant, or should you go through a member of your family? What job would give you the most points?

All you need to do is get in touch on time.

Saying about us

Joyce, 37
Joyce, 37 South Africa
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I was trying to get into the Express Entry pool for so long but just couldn't gain enough CRS points. Only when I took an RCIC I've managed to improve my score, get into the pool, and eventually achieved an ITA
Daniel, 29
Daniel, 29UK
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While few of my friends were trying to get into the Express Entry pool by themselves and struggled for years, I hired Great North VIsa who made the whole process so much simpler and got me there in a few months
Raul, 33
Raul, 33 Spain
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When I first introduced to the Canadian Immigration system I was lost. It felt like a maze to me. That was where I turned to Great North Visa who made my life much easier and led me all the way to Canadian Visa
Marie, 37
Marie, 37 Switzerland
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Even 5 years after I moved to Canada, I still bless my GNV consultant each and every day for making my dream come true
Maira, 54
Maira, 54Australia
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I’m sure there’s a special place in heaven for Andrew, my Immigration consultant who got me into Canada

Our no-hassle,
no-obligation guarantee

Our no-hassle, no-obligation guarantee

RCICs are heavily regulated by the government, meaning your interests are on top.

The consultation call is free, and you make no obligations to proceed

You’re free to get informed and call back in case you decide to move forward. We’ve helped others take a shot at a better future.

When the next person asks you if you’re ready to make a change: say YES!

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